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STAB - 101
Product Bulletin

Other Common Names of TBLS Tri Basic Lead Sulphate,
Lead Sulphate Tri Basic
Appearance Fine White Powder
Molecular Weight 991
Metallic Content %age as PbO 87 to 89
Moisture %age by Wt. Max. 0.25
Mesh Size 100% Pass Through 500 Mesh
Iron as Fe ppm Max. 15
Ash Content %age Wt. 89 -/ +1%
Specific Gravity 6.6
Bulk Density gm/ml 1.6 - 2.0

Applications PVC Compounds, Rigid PVC Pipes & Cables, PVC Profiles & Flooring, PVC Footwear, Master Batches TBLS has excellent stabilizing properties in PVC. The material supplied by Asian Organo Industries has been treated by a special surface coating technique to ensure it ready dispersion in PVC, regardless of the compounding technique. This increases its effectiveness of longer concentration permitting manufacturing PVC compounds & products at lower stabilizer uses and hence low cost.
It is suitable for all opaque compounds where long period heat stability is required, especially for rigid extrusion. It is also recommended for use in PVC compounds for fabrication by injection molding. a mixed stabilizer of TBLS, DBLS & DBL Phosphite enhances initial and long term light stability and weather properties in compounds containing Chlorinated Paraffin (CPW). Addition of 0.75 phr DBLS in TBLS gives better light stability, improved electrical results obtained after long term water immersion and lubrication at high temperature.
Because of its good electrical properties, it is widely used for Cable Sheathing purposes. When used with suitable electrical grade polymers, high values of volume and surface resistivity (VR & SR) can be maintained.
As TBLS is not a lubricating stabilizer, it should be supplemented in PVC fabrications by 0.5 phr to 1.0 phr of a lubricant such as Lead Stearate or DBLS.
3-5 parts per 100 parts of Resin.
Packing Laminated HDPE Bags with separate LDPE liner inside 25 Kgs net weight.

Material Safety Data Sheet
Storage Precautions
1. Store TBLS in well ventilated room away from hot pipes or surfaces.
2. Stack TBLS Bags on wooden Planks, upto 15 bags high and in stacks of not more than 400 Bags
3. Ensure that TBLS Bags are cleared promptly from Rail Yards/Transport/Godowns and Bags are stored in cool place.
4. Use Corrosion Resistance Equipment for sampling and processing of TBLS.

Safety Precautions

1. Use Hand Gloves and Dust Masks while handling during process.
2. In case of Fire, use sand and Inorganic Chemical based Fire Extinguishers only.


1. We can manufacture TBLS as per customer's specification or requirement.
2. The packing can also be changed or made available as per requirements.
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