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One Pack PVC Stabilizer
Product Bulletin

        Asian Organo Industries manufactures a complete line of Lead Stabilizers which are recognized as the most versatile of all stabilizers used to process rigid PVC. Lead Stabilizers, not only improve the heat stability of PVC during extrusion, but also they provide high output rates and greater regrind latitude at lower costs.
        They find value in both single-screw and in multi-screw extrusion of pipe.
        The family of packaged products are available with different lubricant ratios so that a specific product can be closely matched to your process.

Benifits of one - pack and lubricant packages :
1. One ingredient replaces several others.
2. Improved accuracy of ingredient weights.
3. Better reproductivity of compounding for problem free extrusion.
4. Reduce inventory.
5. Simplify inventory control.

We are producing three grades of One Pack PVC Stabilizers for PVC Pipes Extrusion
Characteristics STAB-300 STAB-330 STAB-600
Appearance White Powder White Powder White Powder
Lead as PbO % 55 ± 2 49 ± 2 44 ± 2
Dosage 2.5 - 3.5 phr 3 - 4 phr 2.5 - 3.5 phr
Other Additions (External Lubricants) Required Required Required
Specific Gravity 2.0 - 2.2 1.9 - 2.2 1.9 - 2.2
Moisture 0.5 % Max. 0.5 % Max. 0.5 % Max.
Applications Rigid PVC extrusion in single screw machine Rigid PVC extrusion in single/ twin screw machine Rigid PVC extrusion in single/ twin screw machine

Asian Organo Industries also developed one packs for Flame Retardent and Flame Retardent Low Smoke PVC compounds for wire and cable industry.

Appearance Fine White Powder White Powder White Powder
Lead as PbO % 86 ± 2 27 ± 2 6 ± 1
Dosage 3 - 6 phr 20 phr 80 - 81 phr
Other Additions (External Lubricants) Required Not Required Not Required
Specific Gravity 6.9 1.9 - 2.2 1.9 - 2.2
Moisture 0.5 % Max. 0.5 % Max. 0.5 % Max.
Applications PVC compound for wires & cables to improve Heat Stability & Electrical Properties Fire Retardent PVC compound for wires & cables, PVC profiles & flooring Fire Retardent Low Smoke PVC compound for wires & cables, PVC profiles & flooring

Formulation for FR PVC Compound For Wires & Cables Qty (Kgs)   Formulation for FRLS PVC Compound For Wires & Cables Qty (Kgs)
1. PVC Resin 25.0 1. PVC Resin 25.0
2. CPW 7.5 2. Epoxy 1.0
3. DOP 5.0 3. DIDP 9.5
4. Filler (Calcium Carbonate Ppt.) 8.0 4. Filler (Calcium Carbonate Ppt.) 5.0
5. STAB- FR 5.0 5. STAB- FRLS 20 - 21

 Asian Organo Industries
also produces combination of various Stearates and Stabilizers to suit the requirements of PVC processing industry.
  Grades Formulations Applications
1. STAB - 111 Barium-Cadmium Stearate for Lead free compound.
2. STAB - 112 Barium-Lead Stearate for low Lead content compound.
3. STAB - 113 Barium-Cadmium-Lead Stearate for rigid PVC window profiles and sections
4. STAB - 114 Barium-Cadmium-Zinc Stearate for transparent compound.
5. STAB - 115 Calcium-Zinc Stearate for non toxic FDA approved compounds.
6. STAB - 116 Cadmium-Zinc Stearate for PVC profiles, leather cloth and flexible compound.

           Asian Organo Industries technical experts identify the correct formulations required for depending upon the Extrusion Machines, Die Geometry and Final Product quality demands and offer solutions.
           Asian Organo Industries presale and after sales service stands economically as well as quality PVC products offering not only the best additives but also offering engineering and processing solutions.

Packing Laminated HDPE Bags with seperate LDPE liner inside 25 Kgs net weights.

Material Safety Data Sheet
Storage Precautions
1. Store One Pack Stabilizer in well ventilated room away from hot pipes or surfaces.
2. Stack One Pack Stabilizer Bags on wooden Planks, upto six bags high and in stacks of not more than 200 Bags
3. Ensure that One Pack Stabilizer Bags are cleared promptly from Rail Yards/Transport/Godowns and Bags are stored in cool place.
4. Use Corrosion Resistance Equipment for sampling and processing of One Pack Stabilizer.

Safety Precautions

1. Use Hand Gloves and Dust Masks while handling during process.
2. In case of Fire, use sand and Inorganic Chemical based Fire Extinguishers only.


1. We can manufacture One Pack Stabilizers as per customer's specification or requirement.
2. The packing can also be changed or made available as per requirements.
3. All the above formulations are approximate to the best suitable for PVC procesisng, but Asian Organo Industries does not takes any liability due to use of our products, because it depends on processing conditions.
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