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Calcium Stearate
STAB - 104
Product Bulletin

Characteristics Grade SPL Grade PURE
Appearance Free Flowing Snow White Powder Free Flowing White Powder
Molecular Weight 606.61 606.61
Metallic Content %age as CaO 8.5 to 10 8.5 to 10
Moisture %age by Wt. Max. 1 2
Melting Point °C 155-165 150-165
Mesh Size 100% Pass Through 500 Mesh 300 Mesh
Free Fatty Acid Max. %age by Wt. 0.5 1.0
Soluble in Water Max. 0.2 0.2
Heat Stability Test. Pass 20
Iron as Fe ppm Max. 30 80
Ash Content %age Wt. 9 to 11 9 to 11
Bulk Density gm/ml Max 0.18 0.23
Specific Gravity 1.035 1.035
Packing (Kgs) 25 25

PVC Compounds, Rigid PVC Pipes and cables, Leather Cloth, Poly Propylene, Explosives, Plastic, Master Batches, Foundry Chemicals, Cement Paints, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, Rubber Tyre Tubes and Hawaii Chappal.
Usage in PVC Compound
Calcium Stearate is widely used in Calendered and Plastisol Compounds. It has reasonable stability to heat & light, is non-toxic and therefore may be used in food applications. The Stabilizer is particularly effective in emulsion type polymers, due to having more % of Stearic Acid, it plays the role of lubericant also. The quantity used must be carefully watched, otherwise heat sealing & printing characteristics are affected. A synergistic effect is obtained with Zinc Stearate as a Stabilizer in FDA approved PVC processing.
Laminated HDPE Bags with seperate LDPE liner inside.

Material Safety Data Sheet
Storage Precautions
1. Store Calcium Stearate in well ventilated room away from hot pipes or surfaces.
2. Stack Calcium Stearate Bags on wooden Planks, upto six bags high and in stacks of not more than 200 Bags
3. Ensure that Calcium Stearate Bags are cleared promptly from Rail Yards/Transport/Godowns and Bags are stored in cool place.
4. Use Corrosion Resistance Equipment for sampling and processing of Calcium Stearate.

Safety Precautions

1. Use Hand Gloves and Dust Masks while handling during process.
2. In case of Fire, use sand and Inorganic Chemical based Fire Extinguishers only.


1. We can manufacture Calcium Stearates as per customer's specification or requirement.
2. The packing can also be changed or made available as per requirements.
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